Review on “Mechanism of petroleum migration and accumulation in western China’s superposed basins”

This article presents some mechanism of petroleum migration and accumulation in western China’s superposed basins especially in the Lunnan Uplift of Tarin Basin and Ludong Uplift of Jungar Basin that were obtained by a new methodology since those basins are superposed due to their multi-periodic tectonic evolution that make them more complex.

9 months ago


Review on “Drilling and completion technologies for deep carbonate rocks in the Sichuan Basin: Practices and prospects”

This article presents some experimental research of the support technologies in drilling and completion of deep and ultra-deep wells. It is concluded that the experimental research achievements provide basic support for the fast development of natural gas resources in the Anyue Gas Field, Sichuan Basin, and the great discovery of the Permian and Devonian natural gas resources in the northwestern Sichuan Basin.

8 months ago


Review on “Hybrid Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques: A Simulation Study”

This article presents a numerical model of hybrid chemical enhanced oil recovery methods including the usage of preformed particle gel (PPG), polymer, and surfactant in sandstone reservoir. After comparing the proposed model with the experimental data of the hybrid chemical flooding from Shengli field, it is known that the data are in a good agreement. As the result, the coupled model of surfactant and PPG flooding after polymer flooding performances has led to more recovery factor rather than the basic chemical recovery techniques

6 months ago


Review on “Heavy crude oil viscosity reduction and rheology for pipeline transportation”

This article present a method to reduce heavy crude oil viscosity by belnding it with a limited amount of lighter crude oil to enhance its flow properties.

5 months ago


Review on “Removal of sulfur components from low sulfur gasoline using copper exchanged zeolite Y at ambient temperature”

This article present a study of comparison between two copper-containing materials, monovalent and diavalent, on removal of a variety of sulfur species from hydrocarbon streams.

3 months ago


Review on “Downhole geothermal power generation in oil and gas wells”

This article presents a study of an innovative design of insitu geothermal power generation which is an integration of thermoelectric generation technology, well completion, and production operation.

2 months ago