//New Technology Called HyperBlade Hyperbolic Diamond Element Bit

New Technology Called HyperBlade Hyperbolic Diamond Element Bit

Schlumberger company launched their new technology called HyperBlade Hyperbolic Diamond Element Bit on  September 25, 2018. It could reduces  drilling costs by improving the rate of penetration (ROP).  while maintaining steering response and directional tracking in soft and plastic rock formations.

“The HyperBlade bit expands our three-dimensional cutting elements bit portfolio and addresses operational challenges by reducing drilling time and eliminating unnecessary bit trips,” said Kristi Vilay, president, Bits & Drilling Tools, Schlumberger. “With the introduction of this new technology, operators can improve ROP and achieve further gains in drilling efficiency.”

This technology has the distinctive hyperbolic shape that delivers a more positive rake that cuts 20% deeper into rock compared with flat PDC cutters. A thicker, precision-molded diamond table makes the Hyper element tougher and more durable. And the armored cutting edge withstands formation transitions.

Additionally, Bit balling is mitigated by a combination of the hyperbolic shape and the chip-breaking profile at the center of the element, which improves cuttings removal. This also helps the HyperBlade bit maintain steerabilty with better tracking.

The HyperBlade bit has undergone extensive field testing in North America, specifically in the Denver-Julesburg and Appalachian Basins. In the Marcellus Formation in northern Pennsylvania, the HyperBlade bit drilled an 8 ½-in section with a measured depth of 6,891 ft in 16.6 drilling hours. The operator achieved an on-bottom ROP of 415 ft/h, resulting in a 62% improvement compared with offset runs using conventional PDC bits.

Resource : https://www.slb.com/news/press_releases/2018/2018_0925_hyperblade_pr.aspx

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