//inSPEct 3.0 201

inSPEct 3.0 201

This is a message to ALL MEMBERS of SPE ITS SC 2019/2020, inSPEct 3.0 2019 needs your help!
Since inSPEct will be conducted really soon🤘🏻,
we are opening recruitment for members who are cool enough and have high desire to help us run this year’s inSPEct.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer you ask?

  1. You will get CASHBACK 30% for this event!
  2. You will get the experience to work with board of committee of SPE ITS SC
  3. Be a part of the coolest team a.k.a. Company Visit team of SPE ITS SC!! (it’s lit!🔥)

What are you waiting for? Prepare yourselves! Follow the link below to take part in the making of inSPEct! We hope to see you soon, dude!!

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