A Grand Way to End The Year’s Stewardship

Reaching the end of this year’s stewardship, the Professionalism and Academia Departments of SPE ITS SC collaborated in a breakthrough work program called the “Geothermal Week”. This initiative is a response by SPE ITS SC to face the emerging field of Geothermal through finding innovative ways to educate members and boards on it. As we all know, as society’s liking of the oil and gas industry decreases, experts state that the next best thing we can take advantage of is Geothermal. Thus, the two departments grabbed the opportunity and presented a never-before event.

“I hope that our new Geothermal Week opens doors to our members in terms of knowledge and network to familiarize with the Geothermal industry. For SPE ITS SC, I hope that this event will improve relations with companies and professionals,” commented Dafa Bayu Putranto as the Director of the Academia Department, which serves as the primary resource of oil and gas knowledge for members and boards of SPE ITS SC.

Aligned with the aim to improve SPE ITS SC further, Geothermal Week creatively collaborated with the organization’s most well-known events: Integrated SPE Company Visit (InSPEct) and Guest Lecture. This event lasted for three days from the 21st until the 23rd of May 2021. The Guest Lecture resides on the 21st with hopes of giving the members and boards a foundation to Geothermal, which will be further explored on the 22nd and 23rd where participants will have the opportunity to have exclusive discussions with experts inside break-out rooms according to their interest.

Striving to Provide Oil & Gas Knowledge and Resources

“My vision for the department of Academia is to cultivate our members and boards through knowledge, meaning that the department of Academia facilitates academically while also serving to leverage professionally,” expressed Dafa.

The Guest Lectures conducted by the Academia Department certainly did that. Opening the Geothermal Week with the second lecture of the stewardship, it serves as a wide overview of what participants should know as they dive into the world of Geothermal. The topic adapted is “Indonesia’s Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Geothermal Energy Development Projects”, as aligned to the world’s demands of sustainable practices.

In terms of the expert featured, the department impressively collaborated with Mr. Ashadi Ashadi, currently the Drilling Manager at KS Orka Renewables. His credibility should not be questioned anymore; completing both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Universitas Indonesia, he then continued his career in the most reputable energy companies, namely Schlumberger and Chevron Geothermal Indonesia.

Mr. Ashadi Ashadi, Geothermal expert, during the Guest Lecture

“This event is designed to give complete information on the basis of Geothermal energy, its prospects in Indonesia and the world, as well as career options in the field. It is hoped that those who participate in all three days will gain much insight and build networks. What’s so special this time is that SPE ITS SC has enlarged its scope into renewable energy, not just Petroleum,” emphasized Nathanael Christopher, Director of Professionalism. Although focused on petroleum engineering, it does not erase the high awareness of SPE ITS SC of the energy industry as a whole, such as the energy transition into renewables.

Encouraging Collaboration for Success

The Department of Professionalism, specifically the Company Visit Division, successfully invited two prestigious companies in the energy industry, namely Geo Dipa Energi and Star Energy. On top of that, unlike your usual company visit, the event featured a total of 8 experts coming from different backgrounds; from an Environment Monitoring Supervisor, Sr. Communication Specialist, to Operations Engineering Manager. It was undoubtedly such an achievement for the Company Visit Division to have become the bridge between SPE ITS SC members and boards to professionals.

“We hope that members will understand the basics of Geothermal energy and most importantly, the exposure to Geothermal companies and their respective day-to-day operations. We believe with the access to this information, members will gain insight to yet another field that is very prospective for their career,” explained Nathan.

Company Visit to Star Energy

The company visit consisted of two main topics, which were “Geothermal Energy Best Practices with Geo Dipa Energi” and “Star Energy and Careers in Geothermal Energy Industry”. The first topic featured Ndaru Dwiyatmoko Mukti (Steam Field Planning & Technical Evaluation Staff), Wahyu Festiawan Nurrochim (Power Plant Planning & Technical Evaluation Staff), and Aron Tampubolon (Environment Monitoring Supervisor). Whereas the second topic featured Hadi Kuswoyo (Sr. Communication Specialist), Yudha Yogaswara (Sr. Organizational Capability & LD Specialist), U. Anang Ischak (Operations Engineering Manager), Ginanjar (Assistant Head for Earth Science Darajat), and Novi Gusman (SHE Engineer – Environment).

Managing to land this excellent line-up of Geothermal professionals was surely no easy feat. When asked about the secret in successfully collaborating with distinguished companies as well as the respected experts, Julian Lo as the Division Head of Company Visit, stated teamwork and strategy as the ultimate factors. “The new concept of ‘online’ company visits with exclusive discussions at break-out rooms was definitely a good choice and should be implemented in the next stewardship. But remember, that there is always room for improvement.” concluded Julian.

Company Visit to Geo Dipa Energi