All You Need To Know About PETROLEAGUE 2020, SPE ITS SC Internal Competition

Making a start in competitions, both national and international scale, is not an easy and fortuitous journey for most. Consistent preparation, challenging simulations, and thorough evaluation are needed for one to pave a way towards triumph. Distinctively for competitions focusing on the oil and gas industry, the Society of Petroleum Engineers ITS Student Chapter annually conducts PETROLEAGUE, an internal competition, with the aim to give an introduction for new delegates in an actual competition format. Even though this year’s PETROLEAGUE is held online, the Competition Development Department of SPE ITS SC ensures that delegates will still feel the real intensity and challenge of the usual competition setting. 

PETROLEAGUE 2020 presents the grand theme of “Implementing Advanced and Innovative Technology to Fulfill Indonesia’s Future Energy Demand” and is open for registrations until the 9th of December with four offered types of competitions, which are the Smart Competition, Paper Competition, Case Study Competition, and the Oil Rig Design Competition. So, what are you waiting for, future delegates? Get excited and take your pick out of the PETROLEAGUE 2020 competitions! 

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Smart Competition 

“If you are familiar with those cerdas cermat competitions, Smart Competition is exactly like that,” stated Maria D. Riska Putri, keynote speaker of the Competition 101 event previously held on the 6th of November, when beginning her explanation on the Smart Competition. 

Smart Competition is where teams of three compete against each other in a fast-paced quiz competition consisting of quick fire rounds. This competition is where delegates will be asked questions on both technical and non-technical aspects that are related to the oil and gas industry, which should be answered in a certain amount of time. 

“Through my observation on SPE ITS SC delegates’ trend, I’ve realized that 70% of new delegates, meaning those with zero competition experience, always start from Smart Competition.” remarked Maria D. Riska Putri. 

She then elaborated five key reasons behind hers and other delegates’ motivation in joining the Smart Competition:

  1. Easy and fun way to learn petroleum industry 
  2. Highly recommended for entry-level delegates with zero experience
  3. Perfect fit to exercise one’s memory 
  4. Killing two birds with one stone (Crash course of oil & gas industry whilst gaining competition experience and having the chance to earn achievements) 
  5. Paves the way to Petrobowl (International competition) 

“You don’t need any sophisticated skills, for example excellent presentation skills and so on and so forth, to be able to compete in the Smart Competition, you literally just need to have good memorization skills!” emphasized this speaker who was crowned Semifinalist in PETROLIDA 2019 and IPFEST 2019. 

In addition, this former Competition Coordinator of PETROLIDA 2020 also shared the topic areas that future delegates should take note of in the Smart Competition: exploration (geophysics, geology, and reservoirs), drilling (drilling, measurement, and completion), and production (production and operation). “Strategically, the three members of a team should each master a designated aspect of the oil and gas industry I mentioned earlier: exploration, drilling, and production.” added Maria D. Riska Putri. 

In addition to the three aspects, the speaker did not forget to remind that delegates should also be ready for trivia questions, which are funny questions that you never expected. These trivia questions may be about the establishment date of SPE until when Indonesia was removed from OPEC. 

“Make the most out of the internet; there are lots and lots of sources out there.” expressed Maria D. Riska Putri when asked to share references or tools used to prepare for Smart Competition. 

Further questions on the Smart Competition can be directly asked to Enrique Gianfranco, as Coordinator of Smart Competition PETROLEAGUE 2020, through egfranco (LINE ID) or 085846971253 (Whatsapp). 


Paper Competition 

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73% of employers want candidates with strong and polished writing skills. So, PETROLEAGUE 2020 comes with a Paper Competition that will grant advantages in delegates’ academic and career growth, habit of creativity in improving current situations, as well as communication and networking skills. 

This year, Paper Competition of PETROLEAGUE adopts the theme of “Creating Applicable Innovations to Maximize Petroleum Industry” with the aim to enhance delegates’ ability in conducting scientific analysis and research to provide an innovative and applicable solution to create improvements, especially in the aspect of sustainability of the industry. 

“What do you start with when competing in a Paper Competition? You need ideas.” stated Maria D. Riska Putri, when starting her explanation on the step-by-step process of Paper Competition. 

She then continued that after brainstorming and selecting ideas, there is the research step that involves hypothesis testing, data validation, and cross-reference. In this stage, it is when your creativity really spirals and takes you to places. Lastly, all that is left to do is actualizing the innovations into an actual comprehensible paper. “Make sure your idea stands out and leaves a lasting good impression. How to do it? Make sure there are no blank spaces, backup your numbers, as well as always double proofread and plagiarism check.” reminded this keynote speaker. 

Further questions on the Paper Competition can be directly asked to Salsa Wahyudhie, as Coordinator of Paper Competition PETROLEAGUE 2020, through salsawahyudhie (LINE ID) or 08113112210 (Whatsapp).


Case Study Competition 

“You are asked to give your best approach for a certain case.” emphasized Putu Ayu Indira Ardiyatna, former General Secretary of SPE ITS SC, when describing what a Case Study Competition is all about during the Paper and Case Study Competition Introduction on the 27th of November. In this competition, delegates need to propose solutions and innovations that must be effective to solve a certain case or problem, suitable with the given circumstances (field, refinery, etc), and feasible to be implemented in the real world.

As we all know, the existence of wastes, particularly harmful ones, are an urgent issue to tackle in all industries. Specifically in the oil and gas industry, various kinds of waste are generated from the crude oil processing; oily sludge, chemical sludge, and biosludge are of special environmental concerns because many of the constituents of these sludge are of hazardous nature. Hazardous waste is generated in significant amounts in petroleum refineries worldwide. So, in this year’s PETROLEAGUE, the Case Study Competition adopts the theme of “Tackling the Process Waste of Oil and Gas Industry in Downstream Sector” with the aim to challenge delegates to examine the issue of process wastes in the oil and gas industry and propose their best solutions and innovations in response to it. 

PETROLEAGUE 2020 challenges you to solve waste issues from the oil refinery process by presenting innovative solutions. Delegates should keep the company’s point of view in mind about the revenue during the execution of the solution to keep it profitable. 

“We highly recommend you to find another waste to be managed as well as the utilization of the waste afterwards. The more complex and complete the data is given, the more it adds the scoring.” quoted from the SPE ITS SC PETROLEAGUE 2020 Invitation Letter on the Case Study Competition. 

Further questions on the Case Study Competition can be directly asked to Dadik Aminnanda, as Coordinator of Case Study Competition PETROLEAGUE 2020, through dadik123 (LINE ID) or 081358865329 (Whatsapp).


Oil Rig Design Competition 

The Oil Rig Design Competition is where delegates compete their knowledge and innovation about petroleum industry, offshore, and engineering through designing semi-submersible platforms to overcome the challenges in the given field. This year, the theme adopted is “Designing Smart Offshore Platform to Optimize Untapped Oil Fields” and since PETROLEAGUE is an introductory internal competition, delegates do not have to build a mock-up of their oil rig, but they must instead present the blueprint in front of the judges during the presentation stage and then followed by a Question and Answer session.

“Competing teams in ORDC consist of 4 to 5 people, which usually consist of students from Ocean Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Architecture. But this definitely does not close opportunities for other students of other majors, what’s important is your eagerness to learn something new.” emphasized Firdaus Yusri, Finalist of the Oil Rig Design Competition of BOREYES 2019, when explaining the steps of Oil Rig Design Competition alongside Muhammad Naufal Hawari during the Introduction Series on the 13th of November.

Instead of submitting a full Project Report and constructing a Mockup, PETROLEAGUE 2020 only requires a blueprint that consists of the following aspects: 

  1. Field explanation
  2. Rig dimension
  3. Structure
  4. Rig Systems (consisting of the Hoisting, Rotary, Blow Out Preventer or BOP, Circulating, and Power Systems)
  5. Health, Safety, and Environment HSE
  6. Economic Analysis

*IMPORTANT: Delegates are encouraged to add more rig specifications for a more convincing and detailed blueprint 

“To put it simply, the Oil Rig Design Competition is basically a competition to sell an oil rig. So, it’s all about how you convince the judges–who are the field owners–to rent your oil rig to be used in their field. In order to do so, you need to arrange and promote the main features of your rig to impress the judges.” concluded Muhammad Naufal Hawari, recipient of the award of 2nd Runner Up in the Oil Rig Design Competition of PETROLIDA 2018. 

Further questions on the Oil Rig Design Competition can be directly asked to Zayem Ghifari, as Coordinator of Oil Rig Design Competition PETROLEAGUE 2020, through zayemghifari (LINE ID) or 087823597028 (Whatsapp). 


What Do They Say About PETROLEAGUE? 

“I knew this would be the right way to kick start in competitions before facing the real one. I learned a lot…I do really recommend any of you to join, besides it is a good way to hone your public speaking skills.” exclaimed Alvina Choirun Nisa, who was crowned as Champion and 1st Runner Up of the Oil Rig Design Competition at PETROLEAGUE 2019 and PETROLIDA 2020 respectively, when giving a testimonial on her memorable experience at PETROLEAGUE 2019. 

Future delegates, it is time to kick start your journey in competitions and pave your way towards triumph through PETROLEAGUE 2020. (Ory/Journalism)

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