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source: biomassmagazine.com

Emerging Advanced Biofuels in Indonesia using UOP Honeywell

November 5, 2020
source: biomassmagazine.com Pertamina has initiated the implementation of Honeywell UOP Technology to produce leading biofuels in Indonesia, including the use of UOP Renewable Jet Fuel Process ™ technology at the Plaju refinery in Palembang, South Sumatra, and the UOP Ecofining ™ technology at the Cilacap refinery in Central Java. Honeywell UOP is a leading international […]...

Natural Gas

November 20, 2020
What is natural gas? A naturally occurring mixture of hydrocarbon gases that is highly compressible and expansible called natural gas. Natural gas is primarily methane (CH4) with smaller quantities of other hydrocarbons, such as ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), and butane (C4H10). Hydrocarbon Composition Methane 70 to 98% Ethane 1 to 10% Propane Trace to 5% […]...

All You Need To Know About PETROLEAGUE 2020, SPE ITS SC Internal Competition

November 30, 2020
Making a start in competitions, both national and international scale, is not an easy and fortuitous journey for most. Consistent preparation, challenging simulations, and thorough evaluation are needed for one to pave a way towards triumph. Distinctively for competitions focusing on the oil and gas industry, the Society of Petroleum Engineers ITS Student Chapter annually […]...

China Outruns U.S. as The World’s Biggest Oil Refinery

November 30, 2020
(The Jakarta Post) Current Conditions Since the beginning of the oil era in the middle of the nineteenth century, America has been leading the oil refining market. At the moment, the major player in the U.S. petroleum refinery industry is experiencing a historic downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic. This month, Royal Dutch Shell plans […]...

It’s Okay To Be Vulnerable

December 14, 2020
Did you know that vulnerability is a common trait and can be found in every person? And it is totally okay to be in a vulnerable state. Embracing your vulnerability contributes to your confidence and work performance. Therefore, to further enhance our productivity, we need to analyze our inner being, and specifically how to embrace […]...

PETROLEAGUE 2020 Recap: Behind-the-Scenes and Winners Announcement

December 25, 2020
Group photo taken during the closing of the PETROLEAGUE 2020 Smart Competition together with delegates, judges, and committee members With the aim to provide a platform for members’ early competition experience, the Competition Development Department of Society of Petroleum Engineers ITS Student Chapter conducted PETROLEAGUE. SPE ITS SC realizes the importance of establishing this internal [&hel...