Chemistry and Diversity as The Foundations of A Winning Team

“The only things you regret are the chances you didn’t take. So take the chance, don’t be shy, don’t be afraid. You won’t regret it, my friend.” –Geniara Abi Ramaditio, member of Purnomo Team

Prevailing in the midst of the raging COVID-19 pandemic, delegates of the Society of Petroleum Engineers ITS Student Chapter added another prodigious achievement to the collection. This time, it was the Purnomo Team with members Anargya Agrapradanandika Anindya (Industrial Engineering 2017), Kevin Fausta Rajendratama (Engineering Physics 2017), Ferrel Hamonangan (Chemical Engineering 2017), and Geniara Abi Ramaditio (Ocean Engineering 2018), who became champions at an international competition, the Industry Delve Business Case Study Competition. With participants coming from different regions of the world, the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies SPE Student Chapter hosted this competition successfully in collaboration with APTA Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 


Introducing, the Purnomo Team

It turns out that this Industry Delve Case Study Competition was not the first competition these four men entered together. Kevin revealed that they had once participated in another international competition that was held by SPE UI SC in collaboration with UPES SPE SC, which also resulted in a winning title in 2019. Through that experience, Argi, one of the members of the Purnomo Team, actually expanded his network and connected with someone from UPES SPE SC. And that same person then personally invited Argi to join in on their case study competition in collaboration with APTA Consulting. Upon getting the invitation, the Purnomo Team took the chance and here they are, as champions of the International Industry Delve Case Study Competition. 

“It was a very prestigious international competition, it truly is incredible that we were able to win.” exclaimed Abi, one of the members of Purnomo Team, who is currently the Director of Event of SPE ITS SC 2020/2021. 

When asked about the whereabouts of the team name they have adopted, Purnomo, Kevin mentioned that it was actually in honor of a figure in their lives. It turns out that in their first case study competition, the team was greatly helped by Mr. Purnomo, an expert in the oil and gas industry. Kevin added that the honourable mention was always willing to be consulted and shared his insights on the case, which most definitely contributed to the team’s win.

“It was ideal because we were actually looking for a name that is so Indonesian but charismatic at the same time, considering that we were competing internationally against teams from other nations.” remarked Argi, when justifying his approval of the team’s unique name. 


Progressing Towards Success

The working process on solving the case study given in the Industry Delve Competition was said to have gone smoothly, partly because of the great team dynamic within. In addition, the members had full awareness of their own roles and of each others’ roles in the team; Ferrel was in charge of brainstorming and ideation, Abi for introduction until data collection, Argi for data analysis, whereas Kevin is in charge of finishing and presentation. 

Industry Delve Case Study Competition, which was held by UPES SPE SC in collaboration with APTA Consulting Pvt. Ltd, gave a case study that was of high difficulty. Argi indicated that the purpose of the case study was to decide whether a project on a certain imaginary well was feasible or not. In order to do so, Argi further informed that they were challenged to construct a complete financial model from the beginning until end, including sales contribution, to the income pavement, until the cash flow, and finally going back to answer the feasibility of the project. 

After careful brainstorming and research whilst positioning themselves as consultants in the case study, the Purnomo Team were able to come up with a winning solution. Ferrel explained that the solution adopted was the utilization of sensitivity analysis that has the ability to indicate whether a certain oil field development project can be proceeded and profitable or not based on the programmed considerations. 

“When we found out of our win, we were really relieved because all the hard work and effort we exerted really paid off at the end. We are proud to have represented ITS and maybe even Indonesia in this competition.” emphasized Argi. 


A Special Win

As these four men certainly have a lot of achievements lined up, it was assumed that maybe this win is just like any other win for them. But Kevin interjected strongly that this win was undoubtedly special because the Purnomo Team was able to represent SPE ITS SC and brought pride to its name internationally, as well as increased the awareness of other countries on the high quality and potential of Indonesian delegates. 

“There is nothing more special than glorifying the name of SPE ITS SC, ITS, and even Indonesia internationally together with my friends.” emphasized Abi. 

To future delegates, Kevin identified a few key points on how to compete in such a big competition and eventually gain the champion title. He stated that it was all about team chemistry–that allows smooth communication and delegation of tasks, diversity of human resources–in terms of skills and background, and validation. 

“As I am highly interested in Petroleum, I felt like one of the ways I can get closer and know more about the field is through joining competitions like these. It will serve as a great platform for you to get an early start and gain insights to be ahead of your competitors. If you want to compete, don’t be afraid. At first, we were also clueless and not fully equipped, but because we wanted to keep on thriving and was not afraid to do trial-and-error, we finally succeeded. So try it out!” encouraged Ferrel, former SPE ITS SC President.