Automation Drilling as a Promising Technology for Tomorrow

Automation is playing a critical role in increasing the efficiency of E&P activities. However, automation alone will not suffice to deliver the necessary gains. Today's automation technology is useful, but not all-inclusive. To transform performance there will most certainly be a trend away from the automation of isolated functions and toward the adoption of fully automated drill cycles that incorporate many stages of work whenever possible.

8 months ago


Introduction to Petroleum: Get to Know More About Petroleum

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to the Petroknowledge. Come join us and let's learn together more about the world of petroleum from side to side. The word petroleum comes from petro for rock and oleum for oil. Petroleum includes both crude oil and natural gas, but in its strictest sense, petroleum contains only crude oil. Crude oil and natural gas consist of two important elements which are carbon and hydrogen or usually calls hydrocarbon. In the Petroleum industry, there are several companies that are considered among the Seven Sisters, and for the oil industry cycle, there are three main sectors that work together and operate the entire industry. Interesting, isn't it? So, do you want to know more about petroleum? Check the article below to learn more about the Petroleum Industry.

7 months ago


Supporting Oil Production by Implementing EOR

In this main topic, Enhance Oil Recovery or abbreviated by EOR, is one of the solutions to increase oil production by considering energy perspective. Furthermore, energy demand by reaching 'Zero Net Emission' has increased significantly. Therefore, EOR will be discussed a lot through this petro-knowledge.

6 months ago


Midstream “The Significant Processing & Transporting Role”

This time, petroknowledge will delve deeper into one of the most critical sectors in the oil and gas value chain: midstream. Beginning with an overview of what midstream is, the distinction between oil and gas in the midstream process, and concluding with a discussion of future trends and recent issues affecting midstream.

5 months ago


Production Sharing Contracts Vs Concessionary Contracts: Understand the Differences

Since the 1960s, Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) have gradually replaced Concessionary Contract to become one of the most essential types of contracts in the international oil and gas industry. As a consequence, numerous commercial departments, professional counsel, and contract managers in the oil and gas sector are obliged to learn about PSCs and their many aspects. However, the issue that is frequently left unanswered is what exactly is the difference between these PSCs and Concessionary Contract?

3 months ago


Geothermal Power Plants

Geothermal is involved as renewable resource which has a similarity with Oil and Gas Exploration. For example, we must drill the earth's sub-surface to get the heat to produce the electricity. Besides, in geothermal exploration,

2 months ago