PETROLEAGUE 2020 Recap: Behind-the-Scenes and Winners Announcement

Group photo taken during the closing of the PETROLEAGUE 2020 Smart Competition together with delegates, judges, and committee members

With the aim to provide a platform for members’ early competition experience, the Competition Development Department of Society of Petroleum Engineers ITS Student Chapter conducted PETROLEAGUE. SPE ITS SC realizes the importance of establishing this internal competition because we fully recognize that making a start in competitions, both national and international scale, is not so easy for most.

“PETROLEAGUE is arranged as similar as possible to international-scale competitions conducted by SPE so that we can give delegates a view of what to expect when entering much more prestigious competitions.” indicated Nahari Rasif, Director of Competition Development Department of SPE ITS SC.

As the perfect closing for the Competition Introduction series held from the 6th of November to the 4th of December, this year’s PETROLEAGUE on the 19th and 20th of December served as the members’ opportunity to implement their knowledge, deepen their interests, and showcase their skills. In addition, through PETROLEAGUE, SPE IT SC aimed to scout delegates that possess the potential to become credible representatives in future national and international competitions.

Paving The Way Towards PETROLEAGUE’s Success

“At first, we thought that holding an online internal competition would be so challenging. We were worried that we could not gather enthusiasm from our members.” expressed Nicodemus Sintong, Project Officer of PETROLEAGUE 2020, on the ups and downs of their preparation towards competition day.

The journey in arranging this annual internal competition is certainly not an easy feat for the Competition Development Department. Considering the pandemic we are in, multiple adjustments were implemented in PETROLEAGUE 2020 since the familiar and traditional way of competitions will no longer be effective. As a result, the organizing team had to juggle between building the same competitive environment and adapting to virtual reality.

“We started with the main problem of Indonesia’s energy sector, which is the decreasing trend of oil and gas production. Paired up with the increasing energy demand, we need to gather advanced and innovative methods and technologies to solve the problem.” stated this Delegates Affair staff.

Alongside his team, Sintong, as he is familiarly called, adopted the theme of “Implementing Advanced and Innovative Technology to Fulfill Indonesia’s Future Energy Demand” to deliver the big picture of what the energy sector is currently and will continue facing, so that delegates could gain insights and prepare for their career in the future.

Exceeding expectations, PETROLEAGUE 2020 gathered a total of 107 delegates and 37 teams for the four competitions offered, which were the Smart, Paper, Case Study, and Oil Rig Design Competitions. The organizing team, led by Sintong as Project Officer, was ecstatic to find out that the number of registrants surpassed their initial target of a total of 20 teams in the four competitions.

“Seeing that we had almost twice our initial target, we are really satisfied with our preparation and we would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to our delegates,” exclaimed Sintong.

All-in-all, SPE ITS SC hoped that PETROLEAGUE 2020 could pose as the delegates’ first stepping stone towards triumphing in future national and international competitions. Whether they win or lose, delegates should keep in mind that this is only just the beginning.


Winners’ Podium at This Year’s PETROLEAGUE

Smart Competition

Champion: Arjanendra
Carollina Kusumawidjaya – Engineering Physics 2018
Amien Syafiq Dafa – Engineering Physics 2018
Muhammad Daffa R. S. – Industrial and Systems Engineering 2018

1st Runner-Up: Treis Faseis
Farah Qatrunnada N. F. – Engineering Physics 2019
Ridinta Nabila Fitria Susilo – Engineering Physics 2019
Rahmat Farid – Engineering Physics 2019

2nd Runner-Up: Mother’s Blessing
Tyara Novia A. – Chemical Engineering 2020
Muhammad Rafli Revansyah – Chemical Engineering 2020
Evania Christiana Febiani – Chemical Engineering 2020

Paper Competition

Champion: Syntium
I Made Deago Nugra Visesa – Chemical Engineering 2019
Fachrizan Bilal Masrur – Chemical Engineering 2019

1st Runner-Up: Red Pandas
Dafa Bayu Putranto – Engineering Physics 2018
Aulia Sarah – Engineering Physics 2018

2nd Runner-Up: Achilles
Inastika Nabilah – Industrial and Systems Engineering 2020
Bagas Wahyu Wicaksono – Industrial and Systems Engineering 2020

Case Study Competition

Champion: Candrapradita
Edgar Kazakti Widyas Putra – Marine Engineering 2020
Dewi Diaz Gitasari – Marine Engineering 2020
Nita Wahyuni Dwi Puspitasari – Marine Engineering 2020

1st Runner-Up: Petrolit
Fatahillah Muhammad Daffa Shodiq – Marine Engineering 2020
Maria Valentia – Marine Engineering 2020
Dwi Sugma Safitri – Geomatics Engineering 2020

2nd Runner-Up: Osea
Ervan Fawwaz Wijanarko – Naval Architecture 2020
Muhammad Rifaldo – Naval Architecture 2020
Muhammad Luthfika Faza – Naval Architecture 2020

Oil Rig Design Competition

Champion: PANCAGRA
Samuel Zagota – Marine Engineering 2020
Muhammad Ricky Ramadhan – Civil Engineering 2020
Ariya Rifqi Rahadian – Naval Architecture 2020
As Achmad Daffa D. M. – Ocean Engineering 2020
Evanika Wanjaya – Ocean Engineering 2020

1st Runner-Up: Appomatox
Abdul Quddus Al Kahfi – Chemical Engineering 2020
Ghofri Cendikia Utama – Engineering Physics 2020
Muhammad Ilhan Baihaqi – Geophysical Engineering 2020
Firtya Kinanti Ramadhini – Engineering Physics 2020
Ahmad Qaedi Luthfi – Ocean Engineering 2020

2nd Runner-Up: Delasco
Muhammad Tajasyqar Fathyan Khairi – Ocean Engineering 2019
Nanda Ilham Setiawan – Ocean Engineering 2019
Muhammad Naufal Akmal – Ocean Engineering 2019
Rico Firdani Yuzri – Ocean Engineering 2019

Awarding of PETROLEAGUE 2020 that was filled with testimonials from the winners

Congratulations to all delegates and teams who successfully triumphed in the four different competitions offered at PETROLEAGUE 2020. To those who were not able to win in this year’s internal competition, remember that it is not only about losing, winning, or getting a title, but what matters is for delegates to transform this PETROLEAGUE experience into a lesson and a step towards improvement and greatness.

“I want to say that failure is not the end, it is just the start. I know that some of you would deny the statement, but it actually happened to me. I have participated in 3 case study competitions and finally got the podium in my third or latest experience. I failed twice but it only made me realize further that I cannot give up.” pointed out Sintong who won 1st Runner-Up at SPEEDFEST 2020 International Case Study Competition, which was conducted by SPE UPN “Veteran”​ Yogyakarta Student Chapter.

Make this SPE ITS SC internal competition into a platform to seek potential and competitive experience. Do not stop here because you have a long journey ahead. Keep on learning through participating in competitions; the opportunities are right in front of our eyes, it is you who decide whether to grab them or not. Good luck with your future endeavors, delegates! (Ory/Journalism)

PETROLEAGUE 2020 ended with a group photo