SPE ITS SC Benchmarking with SPE UTP SC

An organization won’t last without having continuous improvement. The one method to do by measuring its performance against other related organizations or known as benchmarking. As one of the biggest student chapters in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, SPE ITS SC always tends to develop its organization and continues to compete not only with related organizations in Indonesia but also globally. Carrying a mission to increase relations among SPE SC in the ASEAN region, SPE ITS SC 2020/2021 held a benchmarking with SPE UTP SC at the closing of the end of 2020. This event, which took place on Sunday, December 27, 2020, is one of the work programs supervised by the external affairs division that aims to increase insight and establish relationships with SPE SC from various universities in the ASEAN region. According to Ezra, this activity needs to be done because we can get a variety of new knowledge that is good for the management of SPE ITS SC now and in the future. Besides that, this moment can also be used as an evaluation for improving each division and person in our organization. Let’s take a peek at the excitement behind the event from Ezra’s point of view as a PIC.

He said that at first, he was afraid that this program would fail. Because before getting a partner, he had tried to invite several SPE SCs in the ASEAN region. However, only 3 student chapters provided feedback including SPE UTP SC. Besides that, SPE UTP SC also has similar both on organizational structure and number of BoC. The series of events that start at 9 am has opened by presenting an introduction about each student chapter, then continued with a sharing session and games. In sharing the session and game’s part, each of BoC is invited into several rooms that contain staff from the same department. It is intended that discussions and games run fun and each participant can gain new insights and add connections to open up opportunities in the future. For Ezra, even though there were some obstacles during the preparation, this event was quite successful and went well.

“I hope that SPE ITS SC will get new insights that can be used as a reference for the future and can collaborate with more SPE SCs in the ASEAN region. So, look forward to the next SPE ITS SC benchmarking around the ASEAN Region!” exclaimed Ezra Athalla Oktafianto, Staff of External Affairs Division of SPE ITS SC 2020/2021.