SPE ITS SC’s First Online Guest Lecture Invites Four Inspirational Speakers

Dr. Ardian Nengkoda, one of the keynote speakers of SPE ITS SC’s first Online Guest Lecture  held on October 24, 2020. 

The pandemic certainly didn’t halt the Society of Petroleum Engineers ITS Student Chapter in actualizing their mission to share new insights and knowledge about the oil and gas industry through online events. On the 24th of October, SPE ITS SC successfully conducted their biggest virtual event yet, Online Guest Lecture with four distinguished keynote speakers.

This first Online Guest Lecture was a collaboration event between the Academia and Professionalism Departments of SPE ITS SC. It consisted of two different concepts coming from each department responsible; Science Course concept for the first and third sessions by Academia and Career Sharing with Alumni concept for the second and fourth sessions by Professionalism. The grand theme adopted this time was “Projecting the Future Oil and Gas Industry Development in Indonesia” with four sub-themes discussed by the four invited honourable speakers respectively. 

Science Course

The first session of the Science Course raised the sub-theme of “Future of Oil and Gas Midstream and Downstream Industry in Indonesia” with Dr. Ardian Nengkoda, Group Lead Petroleum Engineering at Saudi Aramco, as the keynote speaker. Meanwhile, the second session brought in Dr. Asep Samsul Arifin, VP of Strategic Planning and Risk Management at Pertamina EP, to discuss the “Advancement of Oil and Gas Exploration Technology Development in Indonesia”. 


Dr. Asep Samsul Arifin, VP of Strategic Planning and Risk Management at Pertamina EP, when answering questions from audiences of the Science Course


“In just two weeks of preparation, we (Academia Department) were able to invite many experienced speakers to share at our event,” stated Velly, Person-In-Charge of the Science Courses held during the first SPE ITS SC Online Guest Lecture.

In total, the Science Course alone successfully invited 391 registrants. For it being the first-ever online event held by SPE ITS SC, the number of participants definitely hit the target. This success was achieved due to all the strenuous preparation behind it. Velly shared the step-by-step process of their approach to the speakers; starting from making a list of potential speakers, contacting each of them through email, until continuously reminding the final speakers of their attendance for the event. 

“In terms of what went wrong, it would be the unpredictable occurrences that happened out of our control. The most common one was the bad connection of speakers or moderators, which could happen anytime during the event. In response to that, we already prepared thought critically and acted appropriately so the event is still on track,” commented Velly when asked about his team’s preparation. 

Velly also teased that everyone should look forward to the next Science Course by SPE ITS SC because the keynote speaker invited will not disappoint, he mentioned that the speaker is from a multinational oil service company based in the Middle East, which is very well known amongst oil service companies. 

Career Sharing with Alumni

Under the Professionalism Department, the second and fourth sessions of the Online Guest Lecture highlighted speakers’ efforts and development in shaping their career paths in a diverse and challenging workplace in the oil and gas industry. Both sessions invited alumni of ITS, specifically the Engineering Physics Department; Mas Andika Dwiparana S.N. and Dr. Mas’ud Khamid in the second and fourth sessions respectively. 

Mas Andika Dwiparana S.N. is currently a Senior Field Engineer at Schlumberger Saudi Arabia with previous work experiences at Cargill and ConocoPhillips. During the Career Sharing, Mas Andika elaborated on the importance and key actions to maintain self-management in a workplace. On the other hand, Dr. Mas’ud Khamid, currently the CEO of Commercial and Trading at Pertamina Patra Niaga who notably underwent the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard Business School, shared his experiences on how to influence, inspire, and impact as a leader. 

“Self-management is a crucial skill, you need to have a work-life balance to manage all of the work and your personal life well. In terms of the leadership topic, Pak Mas’ud is a well defined leader in a widely known company and he is a great example of how an excellent leader should be,” stated Clarence, Person-In-Charge of the Career Sharing held during the first SPE ITS SC Online Guest Lecture when asked about how his team came up with the sub-themes. 

Lastly, Clarence hoped that participants of the Career Sharing were all motivated by everything that was delivered by the amazing speakers, just like himself. Other than that, he hoped that the participants gained new insights on how to lead ourselves as well as our team to achieve success. (Ory/Journalism)

The last session of the Online Guest Lecture with Dr. Mas’ud Khamid raising the  topic of “How to Influence, Inspire, and Impact as a Leader”