SWIPE, One of The Many Breakthroughs of SPE ITS SC 2020/2021

Harmonizing with SPE ITS SC’s mission in this year of stewardship, the External Collaboration division proposed SWIPE, which is short for Specificated Workshop Insighting Petroleum Engineering. This event serves as a huge contributing factor in enhancing gradual learning of the energy sector starting from basic knowledge to technological development as well as in giving early exposure to the industry, thus elevating members’ professional competence. 

“Software is one of the most important components in the engineering world, especially in petroleum engineering fields. Software is widely used from upstream to downstream to make processes easier to conduct. Realizing that there are still many students who aren’t familiar with these software, we strategize SWIPE.” stated Ezra Sembiring, Head of External Collaboration Division. 

This breakthrough, Specificated Workshop Insighting Petroleum Engineering, is established to become a platform for students to gain insight into the many software used in the oil and gas industry. In addition to that, joining this event will undoubtedly add experience and exposure regarding the upstream and downstream petroleum engineering processes. SWIPE consists of two workshops that each will focus on the upstream (SWIPE UP) and downstream (SWIPE DOWN). 

Noticing that peers might have confusion between SWIPE and other similar SPE ITS SC work programs (i.e. Science Course, Guest Lecture), Ezra emphasized that SWIPE adopts a more interactive approach that will allow discussion between the audience and expert. The External Collaboration division prioritizes the collaboration itself between audience and expert through designing the event into four segments; explanation, study case, simulation, question, and answer. 

“What makes SWIPE different is the existence of a study case segment where the audience and expert will solve together and then followed by the software simulation segment where that will be a hands-on experience for audiences.” expressed Ezra. 


Our First Workshop, SWIPE UP (Upstream Edition)

On the 28th of November 2020, SPE ITS SC conducted Specificated Workshop Insighting Petroleum Engineering (Upstream Edition) that focuses on oil reservoirs. This first-ever workshop adopted the theme of “Progressing Today, Powering Tomorrow” to show that SWIPE wishes to help students progress in terms of their understanding and mastery of software often used in the industry. Thus, this will lead to students’ improvement and skills enhancement. 

Hand-in-hand with the attractive theme, the External Collaboration division successfully invited Farrasdaq Sajjad as the guest speaker, who is the Assistant to Chief Executive Officer of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi. This speaker is equipped with his excellent background; graduated from ITB and continued Master’s in University of Stavanger, worked as Senior Petroleum Engineer, Subsurface Workover and Well Service Lead, Reserves Technical Authority, and Petroleum & Reservoir Engineering Specialist. 

“I believe that the most important point of SWIPE UP is the realization that we have to be able to apply the knowledge that we got from studying formally to modern technology. In the real working environment, nobody will utilize paper and pencil to solve an issue but instead, they take advantage of their mastery in technology and software,” revealed Ezra. 

SPE ITS SC hopes that through Specificated Workshop Insighting Petroleum Engineering (SWIPE), students will be inspired and eager to explore the software implemented in the industry, as well as to have the chance to learn first-hand from credible experts. Softwares are not only needed for major projects and conflicts, but also for simplifying day-to-day activities. 

Watch a short video recap on SWIPE UP with the honorable guest speaker, Farrasdaq Sajjad (Assistant to the CEO of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi) through the video below.